Daily Archive: July 20, 2009


health care vs education

One thing I thought about reading this Hot Air post is that if a lot of the proposed health care funds come from state coffers, we run the risk of not being able to...


the unborn…

…have memories, or at least a recent study shows that after 30 weeks they do… (via Dreher).


Sunday, 3PM

At approximately the same time as Stewart Cink was beginning the celebration of the collapse of old age at the terrifying feet of early middle age, Stacy McCain received the 2,000,000th visitor in his...


rethinking a strong national defense

Mark Levin’s response to The Weekly Standard’s Peter Berkowitz is surprisingly good.  I find myself truly befuddled by the apparent twin-personalities of the man who is Mark Levin – the thoughtful, reasonable essayist vs....


This is your justification?

National Review‘s best argument for “enhanced interrogation” now hinges on the threat posed by . . . Jose Padilla? So we’ve gone from defending torture on the grounds of a ticking time bomb scenario...


Climatize This

From NyTimes: India served notice on Sunday that it remains opposed to legally binding targets to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, digging in its heels against the United States as the Obama administration begins...

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