Daily Archive: July 15, 2009


Free or Ad-Free?

Microsoft is going to give away the online version of Office 2010 for free.  Douglas Rushkoff thinks this is the wrong approach:


comedy and tragedy

Enlarging government is like doing drama.  Limiting government is like doing comedy. Let me explain. At the Oscars, the Best Picture nominees are almost always dramas.  Usually they are tragic and romantic and perhaps...


quick thought on nihilism

Do you think that professing to be a social conservative and then offering rather than charity or love to your political opponents, only naked vitriol, is in fact a sign of nihilism?


No Country for Conservative Health Care Policy

~by Dan Miller There’s something a bit frustrating about the health care debate that’s been going on here at the League.  Health care has been THE liberal project for literally decades; entire careers (not...


Mother Jones and the War on Drugs

Mother Jones has a series of articles on the doomed-from-the-start War on Drugs well worth checking out.  Oh, and you can take the quiz, too!  See how much you know!  (I missed two questions…)...


musician’s cooperative

So I’m a musician when I’m not a blogger or a worker or a father or a husband (etc.)  In other words, I’m a very part-time musician.  Indeed, while I’ve gotten better over the...


Nothing To See Here

One cost-free way for conservatives to appeal to minority voters would be to do a better job of policing internal discourse. After all, repeating “Party of Lincoln!” ad nauseum doesn’t really help things when...