Daily Archive: July 13, 2009

Words Fail

Ken at Popehat documents a truly astounding feat of asshattery.

Academic obscurantism for the sake of . . . what?

Among other relics from middle school, my CD case still contains well-worn copies of both Pinkerton and The Blue Album, so I read Jeffrey Rosenberg’s Rosenfeld’s undergraduate thesis on Weezer’s odd career arc with...


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Roman Holiday

Conor points out that restaurateurs in Rome go out of their way to overcharge tourists:

…and again and again and again…

I have joined the increasingly long (2 pages now!) and, as I said before, decreasingly witty list “The World’s Most Deranged Bloggers” thanks to the omnipresent force that is Mark Levin.  I am now,...


gets the important questions answered for The American Scene’s inaugural advice column.

witch week

I’m not done with this book yet, though I’m close.  Initial thoughts:

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