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I just finished reading Daniel Walker Howe’s What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America 1815-1848. As best I can judge, it’s a fine book. I’m especially pleased with its treatment of religion in...


quote of the day

“I’d gladly pay $5a month to have the NYT delivered to me via the magic of the Internet.  If this were 1995.  Back then, the prospect of getting “the best newspaper in the world”...


nota bene

Because conservatism is the ideological inclination much more inclined towards purges of the unfaithful message discipline, reformist conservatives, when given the opportunity, flog orthodox messages with a little extra zeal; thus, this broadside which...


A Pox on Both Houses: Honduras Edition

My Honduras post the other day (which, I swear, was not asking a merely rhetorical question) drew some, err, strong reactions.  But regardless of what position you take on the situation, I highly recommend reading GWU...


on the other hand

John mines a few laughs and a salient point from a story about the attempt to regulate yoga. And, it’s true, that story’s pretty funny, and I think John is on the right track...

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