Daily Archive: July 9, 2009


A House of Repeal?

Paging Conor Friedersdorf!  You want ideas?  Patrick at Popehat’s got a good one.  First, the problem to be solved: What’s more remarkable is that, while the House, Senate, and Presidency pass bills that none...


newspapers can’t be successful online?

Why?  Honestly, why can’t newspapers be successful with online revenue only?  Other companies finance their operations online.  Google is financed entirely (or almost entirely) through ad revenue.  Why can’t the news survive in this...


Real Fantasy

I stumbled across this short essay from February by Richard Morgan whose book, The Steel Remains, I am currently reading.  (And it’s good so far, and very dark, and very adult.)  Anyways, Morgan takes...


New Adventures in Historical Revisionism

Ron Christie – whose credentials as a historian are, shall we say, limited – is also shocked that Obama would think to give other countries credit for helping end the Cold War: First, Mr....


no manning

Julian Sanchez, a libertarian, recently wrote a smart post about “weak manning,” a fallacious kind of reasoning where one responds only to the weakest argument of one’s opponent. There’s a worse fallacy, I think....


tackling brands is tricky, tackling verbs is even harder

Matt Yglesias asks “Is bing better?” in reference to Microsoft’s new search engine which may or may not become a real competitor to Google.  Microsoft often enters these various markets with mixed success –...

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