Daily Archive: July 7, 2009



…after the leap…


Michael Lewis on the AIG Financial Products Group

Michael Lewis is one of my favorite financial writers and his new Vanity Fair article about the AIG Financial Products Group and Joseph Cassano is required reading for anyone wanting to learn more about...


The Tipping Point

When Andrew Sullivan isn’t doing his best to erase any memory of his vital contribution to the medium, he’s actually a very good blogger. His intensely personal take on the ‘tipping point’ of the...


The Vector: A Post-Theist Moral Framework

“But, in a nutshell, the further one says the edge of one’s sphere is from one, translates, generally, into how moral one is perceived to be… so long, of course, as one doesn’t go on to screw the proverbial pooch (or the literal one, depending on one’s proclivities).”


two thoughts on sarah palin

I personally don’t care about Sarah Palin’s views on social issues, or that she hunted wolves from a helicopter (whether or not I would do the same or share an opinion on said social-issues). ...


Kirn on aptocrats

Conor flagged a piece in the Times by Walter Kirn, author of Lost in the Meritocracy: The Undereducation of an Overachiever that needs some attending to. I haven’t read Kirn’s book yet, so I...


sage advice

John Whittet offers up some good advice for debating online.  The post is specific to Newsvine, but has universal appeal….