Daily Archive: July 6, 2009


The State of Political Economic Definitions

Yesterday ED got a good conversation going in response to this question: How can anti-statists reconcile themselves with protectionism? I think however we need to be careful with the ‘s’ word.  I’m guilty of...


Department of Silly Inquiries

John Horgan has a question – does religion do more harm than good? Leaving aside the impossibility of quantifying the benefits and downsides of faith in any systematic fashion – what metric, one wonders,...



I think most of the books I’ve read and loved were written by conservatives or libertarians – the fantasy I’ve read was written largely by conservatives, I think because good fantasy plays on themes...


a quote for the afternoon

“Dudes and Dudettes, … it’s July 2009. You are all taking this wayyyy too seriously. I wish I thought it was all only about grabbing Palin traffic, but I fear it’s worse that that. The...



…To PoMoCon extraordinaire James Poulos and his wife Courtney on the birth of their first son, Nikos James, on Friday. Via.


a question for anti-statists

How can anti-statists reconcile themselves with protectionism? This has become a kind of stumbling block for me.  I have slowly become more and more disillusioned with protectionism as policy because it seems that it...


Honduras: WTF?

I fully supported, and continue to support, Obama’s minimal to nonexistent intervention in the Iranian situation last month.  What I cannot fathom is why Obama would now think that intervention on behalf of Zelaya in Honduras...



Fascinating piece up by Brian Doherty on “seasteading” the anti-government project being pursued by grandson of economist Milton Friedman, Patri Friedman, to create modular, stateless “seasteads” on the ocean.  The question that leaps to...


are you kidding me?

In his latest column, Ross Douthat repeats an old canard from the campaign trail: That last statistic is a crucial one. Palin’s popularity has as much to do with class as it does with...


Economics As If The Bible Mattered

“Pushing on a string is difficult. Pushing a zombie on a string is even harder. Pushing a zombie bank on a string is impossible.” William Buiter — Warning: I’m about to go on a...