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Chris Dierkes

Chris Dierkes (aka CJ Smith). 29 years old, happily married, adroit purveyor and voracious student of all kinds of information, theories, methods of inquiry, and forms of practice. Studying to be a priest in the Anglican Church in Canada. Main interests: military theory, diplomacy, foreign affairs, medieval history, religion & politics (esp. Islam and Christianity), and political grand bargains of all shapes and sizes.

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  1. Avatar richard says:

    federer is hands down the greatest of his generation. don’t know if you saw mcenroe’s interview with laver, borg, and sampras. he really put sampras on the spot asking who is the greatest. very hard to answer. technology and the change in synthetic surfaces makes era to era comparisons very tough. that being said i would have to vote for laver. only man to ever win two grand slams. changed the game with his use of topspin and missed playing in any majors for five years at the height of his career. laver was the consumate shot maker. think about it in one two year period 62 and 69 the slam years laver won more than half of federer’s career slam titles. roger’s feat is a tremendous accomplishment . to me though, laver’s accomplishments places him on a different level.Report