Daily Archive: July 2, 2009

Reason v. Time

First Reason smacks down Time here.  And then here.  Good stuff.

Blog Etiquette

After posting a response to critics of his Walmart/healthcare post without linking to a single critical entry, Matthew Yglesias decides to highlight this essay from Apartment 11D, lamenting the decline of blogospheric courtesy. WTF?

going camping for the 4th

This is about a twenty minute drive from my apartment.  We will be roasting marshmallows and drinking beer.  Fireworks, however, are illegal, so none of that…

localism vs neighborhood-ism

I have to admit, I haven’t been following the dust-up between the First Thingers/ Pomocons and the Front Porchers all that closely.  But I must say, that what I have read has been some...

The Religion-Science Debate Is Theological

On the flight over to Calgary (for Br. Scott’s nuptials) I read Bob Wright’s new book The Evolution of God.  I’m wanting to do a post or two on that book, but I was...


James Joyner points to this piece by Mark Tapcott, in which he says a lot of what many of us have been saying about appropriate discourse and the importance of language especially in regard...

one scene play

the imagined genesis of an article *ring*ring*ring* “Hello, this is Troy Patterson.” “TP! David Plotz here!” “David! What’s up.” “Ah, not much. Little down lately. I think I’ve finally wrung every last ounce I...

Pop Quiz

With Al Franken’s victory finally official, the Democrats will soon have a filibuster proof majority of 60 in the Senate, assuming Sens. Kennedy and Byrd are able to return to the floor or are...

an apology of sorts

I comment on my retraction of an earlier post, here.

I take it all back

To hell with established media institutions. They deserve their fate.