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  1. Sullivan’s obsession with her is creepy. I know that’s his MO but give it a rest. The woman is going to have to have the public relations makeover of the century to seriously be a contendor in 2012 or 2016. Or the party could nominate her as-is and drift off into oblivian (a return of the Tories anyone?)Report

  2. Avatar mike farmer says:

    Sullivan is the one people should worry about if conservative image and public perception is of any importance. I’ve read the excuses for his behavior, but this is loonyville stuff. I don’t read Sullivan much, because I don’t find him very interesting, but from what I’ve read lately because of the Iran and Palin buzz — he’s not really what I’d consider conservative — just a self-promoter who’s probably mostly liberal with a bunch of odd opinions — which is fine with me, just not interesting.Report

  3. Avatar Freddie says:

    She’s a politician, who has made herself as visible as is possible for a sitting governor who is not running for re-election or higher office. She has a far higher public profile than any other Republican governor, and she does because she has relentless pursued that higher profile. If you want to write “Leave Trig Palin alone,” I’m with you, although the way that Palin’s camp simultaneously uses an infant for political ends and then declares that infant off-limits is disgusting. But leave Sarah Palin alone? She doesn’t want to be left alone, she’s a political figure in a representative democracy, and she hasn’t lowered her profile since the end of the campaign. I can’t imagine you or John feeling the same way, incidentally, if Palin were a man.Report

    • Avatar Will says:

      Fair point. I should have made it more clear that it’s the treatment of her family that I deplore.Report

    • Avatar Katherine says:

      Going after her for statements on political matters would be fine. Nobody’s interested in doing so. The attacks on her family and personal life sink to tabloid-level and the press and bloggers should cut it out.Report

  4. Avatar E.D. Kain says:

    Freddie – I’d say leave her alone for now because it is politically silly to constantly harp on her. It is far more sensible to learn more about her and then, when the time comes, get back into the not leaving Palin alone swing of things. I think you’re mainly right though. She chooses to be in the public spotlight. Everyone who makes that choice knows what they’re getting into. I pretty much share Sullivan’s horror with her. But I’d like to take a break from the 4-year-campaign for a bit before we start that up again.Report

    • Avatar Freddie says:

      That’s true, and I agree with you, but then again, the political media isn’t a wing of the Democratic party. They’ll chase sensationalism, and Palin (whatever else is true of her) is a sensation.Report

  5. Is she really doing that much right now to attract any attention? I know she’s given a few speeches and her daughter has been in the news, but it seems like Palin has kept a pretty low profile since at least January. Am I just in the dark?

    Freddie, I’m certainly not suggesting she is off limits. I guess I would just much rather hear nationally relevant content rather than tabloid journalism. Ahhh…but these are the days of our lives.Report

  6. Just leave her freaking uterus alone, please.

    … the way that Palin’s camp simultaneously uses an infant for political ends and then declares that infant off-limits is disgusting.

    What exactly does this mean? In what sense was Trig Palin used for political ends but the Obama daughters, say, weren’t? Are the Palins really not allowed to pose together for photo ops, or to talk honestly – and some of what Gov. Palin has said about her struggles with that pregnancy has been remarkably honest – about what their family has gone through?Report

    • P.S. It just occurred to me that the beyond ridiculous fuss – which I didn’t really follow – over the Photoshopped image of Palin and the baby could have been what you were referring to, in which case I withdraw my objection. But Sullivan consistently used this same line as a justification for spreading rumors about her supposedly faked pregnancy, so …Report

      • Avatar E.D. Kain says:

        John – I’m with you entirely regarding her kids, her “uterus” etc. I think there’s plenty that can be said about her vapid rhetoric, her ambition, her poor articulation of ideas, etc.

        She would be as much a disaster as President with no kids at all.Report

        • Avatar Bob Cheeks says:

          Is Alaska going the route of Michigan, Cal-i-for-n-ia, Taxachewsetts, or any of a dozen other Dem controlled states, e.g. in the crapper? Although I do have to talk to her about her neocon inclination to “take Democracy to the Mid. East.”Report

          • Avatar E.D. Kain says:

            I think it’s important not to give Sarah too much credit for the Alaskan state of affairs which are largely due to oil revenues which most states do not have at their disposal. And yeah, she’s got the whole Pentecostal Neocon thing going, which should worry anyone who disapproves of interventionist foreign policy.Report

  7. Avatar greginak says:

    FWIW Alaska is the Saudi Arabia of America. We have oil money that funds almost all of our gov and lets us avoid all the hard choices every other state has to make. When oil prices are high this state could , for most issues, run on cruise control.Report