Daily Archive: July 1, 2009


newspapers ctd.

Megan McArdle critiques Jack Shaffer’s piece at Slate and makes some good points:


mistakes were made

Ever write something in haste and quickly regret it? Yeah. Mistakes were made, the least of which misidentifying Seth Grodin and misspelling Chris Andersen. Good thing I don’t do this for a living.



Okay, so below the fold is a screenshot of a post just now up at Clusterstock.  Can somebody explain the correlation between the article and the picture – other than the sentiment “I wish...


Lament for a Dying Medium

It’s ‘Celebrate Old Media Day’ here at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, and following Freddie on Gladwell on Free, I thought I’d chime in with my own appreciation for the news industry. Like Freddie,...


Happy Canada Day

Mullets, socialism, and groovy 60sness from the greatest rock band in Canadian history (all stereotypes must be fulfilled). Happy Canada Day from the League’s Canadian-transplant American, on behalf of the still settling in to...


sometimes things get worse

There are many tics of contemporary debate that bother me, but none more so than the enforcement of optimism. To participate in our webby conversation is to be buffeted, over and over again, with...


just ask alice in wonderland

Tim Burton is behind the wheel with (Surprise!) Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp as two of the leads…


on contraception

Jason Peters has a very interesting post on C.S. Lewis, the environment, and the relationship between generations up at Front Porch Republic.  What leapt out at me, though, was this passage from Lewis on...


Spinning my wheels.

Does anybody else ever have weeks or months where the world seems to push back really hard against your conception of it? Where it seems to shake off all your attempts to impose order...


a bad idea

Matt Yglesias points us to a very bad idea coming from the typically pretty savvy Richard Posner: