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  1. T. Hunt says:

    That’s all well and good and he can rot there for all I care but what about all the others that worked for him and were either in on it or so incredibly stupid as to have missed it completely? Why aren’t they spending time in jail? Or at least facing unemploymet?

    I find it extremely hard to believe that Bernie pulled off a fraud on this scale without any help from anyone else AND was able to accomplish it without anyone else ever catching on to the fact that money was just rolling out the door.

    Catching one crook while leaving who knows how many others free doesn’t balance the books, regardless of how long that one guy spends behind bars.

    T. HuntReport

    • Dave in reply to T. Hunt says:

      This does not end with him. Family members, business associates and others will likely be indicted but my guess is that no one wants to jump the gun until there’s enough evidence to gauge the true extent of the involvement of any co-conspirators.

      This is far from over.Report