Daily Archive: June 26, 2009


Ricci: The Whole Story

Nicole Allan and Emily Bazelon saw how important the Ricci case was shaping up to be.  So they decided to find out more of the backstory than the rote facts that appear in every...


Google’s Responsibility

Andrew Sullivan flags a noble-sounding quote from Google CEO Eric Schmidt: “The internet is the strongest force for individual self-expression ever invented. Governments around the world, even democratically elected, have difficulty with [the flow...


“Public Choice 101”

Arnold Kling takes a look at the four most significant pieces of economic legislation and regulation in the Obama Administration and sees a pattern.  Ezra Klein seems to agree, and asks: I think that...


Daft Draft Analysis

The fact that teams frequently overvalue a player’s potential while devaluing actual production has been amply documented elsewhere, but I’m consistently baffled by sportswriters who exhibit the same tendency. Here, for example, is SI’s...


Waxman-Markey Day

Well, the wheelers and dealers on Capital Hill are voting on Waxman-Markey today.  Jim Manzi has been doing damn fine work on the subject lately, so browse his archives over at The American Scene...


St. Michael of Neverland Ranch

I just won’t turn on a television for a week now that we’ve learned that Michael Jackson has died.  I’m not sure I can stomach the insta-documentaries and the faux-mourning.  Indeed, not to be...

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