Daily Archive: June 25, 2009



“The religious right isn’t what’s wrong with the GOP. It’s the pervasive, unthinking, unreflective nationalism. It’s the arrogance of thrice-divorced adulterers reaching for the banner of traditional families, and it’s the arrogance of men...


Greetings from Calgary

Just a quick check in to say howdy to all and greetings from a very sunny and windy Calgary, AB.   Your intrepid blogger and the Misses will be attending Br. Scott’s wedding on Saturday. ...


another sanford quote

“The 2008 uprising of Birchers, hippies, and raw-milk enthusiasts that fueled Ron Paul’s quixotic bid for the White House was looking for a leader, and Sanford seemed to fit the bill. Now he’ll instead...


Queer Theory

PostRight is a neat group blog, but this latest entry has me baffled. The basic thesis seems to be that Jamie Kirchick is obsessed with Israel because he criticized the creepy anti-war group ANSWER...


Defending Soccer

Alex Massie does a capable job of smacking down this nonsensical critique of soccer. I’d only add that the structure of European football is one of the most inegalitarian in sport (see here and...


Questions on Globalization and Trade Part One

Mark points us to this very fun and persuasive article by Radley Balko on the wonders of free trade and markets which warns, quite astutely, of the dangers of central planning and too much...


In search of realism

Given the recent uproar over this article defending the Iranian election results,* I think it’s important to distinguish between those of us who see a realistic, restrained foreign policy as the best way to...


I, Pencil Revisited

My anti-free trade, anti-globalization, anti-capitalism friends should read Radley Balko this morning at Reason.


a quote for the morning

“Conveniently, if not coincidentally, ‘sense of’ speak is also a great way to evade responsibility. We share in a strategically therapeutic conspiracy of vagueness. In a world where there are only senses of things,...


two interesting things

Conor interviews James for the Big Ideas blog; and Patrick Deneen declares war on the PomoCons!