The Original Crunch Con?



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  1. Avatar Joseph FM says:

    Reading this, I’m actually kind of shocked Andrew Sullivan hasn’t mentioned Fairlie more. I mean, he was a British Oakshottian Tory publication-hopping, anti-Republican journalist-commentator covering American politics too, and I can’t imagine there have been too many others. And Sullivan (who despite all they have in common now, was a Thatcher-Reaganite at the time) took over as editor of TNR the same year Fairlie died! Makes me wonder…Report

    • Avatar Joseph FM in reply to Joseph FM says:

      Okay, I guess I just missed these occasions. Like here, and more recently here discussing the very book of which this article is an overview – which bears a quote from him on its dust jacket. Duh.

      Still, it’s quite a bit rarer than I would have thought.Report