Daily Archive: June 23, 2009


Overturning Proverbs

So a homeless dude comes into the church today (which is a regular occurrence) and asks for a big garbage bag for his stuff (that’s rather irregular).   Ok, so I go get him the...


distrust of government

“The Reaganite conservative does not trust the political system, and so is always trying to circumvent it; he does not trust the instincts of Congress, but places profound faith in the wisdom of the...


portrait of the artist as a young ogre

So, one of the great joys of fatherhood is being able to do kids stuff again.  After the leap, a cartoon I drew whilst coloring with my daughter.  This is what I did back...


Stop Prison Rape

The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Eli Lehrer tackles prison rape here. I’d also recommend Ezra Klein’s excellent op-ed from several months ago.


Maher Follow-up

Since I was pretty hard on Bill Maher last week for criticizing Obama without criticizing the Democrats (and Congress more generally), it’s only the (ordinary) gentlemenly thing to do to post this video of...


breaking news: people often feel racial panic

This story is making the rounds. I think it has a lot of troubling race-baiting going on in it. Check it out. Now, setting aside the fact that there is almost nothing more annoying...


holbo v douthat

John Holbo takes on Ross Douthat’s review of Digital Barbarism: Douthat is laboring to give readers the impression that Helprin is in any sense holding the non-monkey higher ground, a proposition subject to grave...


Symmetrical Idiocy

I was going to take Michael Goldfarb to task for suggesting that Iran policy ought to be dictated by some anonymous student demonstrator, but then The Guardian published an entire op-ed inspired by little...