Daily Archive: June 22, 2009


a quote for a sunny summer day

“Do you think it’s an accident that when the neocons were in charge Hezbollah led the Lebanese elections but when we ditched the neocons, the Lebanese ditched Hezbollah? Do you think it’s an accident...


personae non gratae

Shorter me: Above all else, movement conservatives want to retain custody of what it means to be a conservative.  They claim to hold the keys to the city, and they guard them jealously –...


freedom and neoconservatism

“Iran’s green awakening may end awfully. But if it succeeds, it will be everything the neocons had hoped to achieve in Iraq – and also a demonstration of neoconservatism’s core fallacy, which is that...


Poverty and Human Rights

Will Wilkinson has a fascinating post on whether some basic level of material well-being should be considered a human right. My gut response is that while we have some  moral obligation to alleviate poverty,...

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