Daily Archive: June 15, 2009


Some Real “F”ers

Andrew Sullivan posts this video:  Violence Warning.   Sullivan is creating a series (more here, here, and here).  Second warning–the last link in that series is particularly horrific.  I’ll simply link to them but not...


good theology

So a while back I posted on the art of magic in fiction.  I asked readers what they recommended for some good fantasy reads, and the result was a pretty long list of suggestions,...


Figuring Out Iran

I’ve been trying to catch up on what happened over the weekend in Iran, and is continuing to happen now.  One thing that I’ve noticed is just how little we seem to know and...



Here’s a good resource for Iran-related twitter updates/photos etc.  Right now, lots of tweets asking Twitter not to shut down for maintenance tonight.  Let’s see if new media management is as responsive as the...


the big picture

The Big Picture has some amazing, startling photos up on the protests.  Momentum is building.  This is certainly not just any protest.  This is game-changing.  I remain optimistic.


It’s on the Army & Police Now

A reader writes into Andrew Sullivan saying that the violence in Iran is entirely the work of the Basij (militias) and related paramilitaries, vigilantes, goons, etc.  That so far the police and army are...


yes but why so blatantly?

There’s a fairly wide consensus building that the Iranian election results were fraudulent.  Much speculation exists regarding the who, why, etc.  John Holbo wonders why the apparent fraud was so crudely done.  It’s a...


what’s next

It has to be said: we are probably not going to see a democratic revolution in Iran. There is every reason to believe Ahmadinejad will remain in power in the near future. That wouldn’t...


living in another universe

This is what I kept thinking this weekend: if I wasn’t online, an avid blogger and reader of blogs, and if I didn’t frequent the New York Times, I wouldn’t know a damn thing...


Some More (Quick) Thoughts on Iran

The best sites to follow continue to be: Andrew Sullivan, Michal Totten, The Lede @NyTimes, and Nico Pitney (@HuffPo). Today’s events have for the moment swung momentum to the side of the revolution/reform. The...


Blame Congress

So here’s Bill Maher doing this thing and directing it at Obama.  I think it’s good that Obama get some real criticism from his left, but still I just have to my roll my...