Daily Archive: June 12, 2009


co-ops, socialized medicine, and deregulation

Ezra Klein has an interview up with Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota. In it they discuss the Senator’s health care reform proposal to implement federally chartered, non-profit cooperatives to compete against private insurers. ...


Iranian Democracy Is Older Than You Think

I appreciate Andrew Sullivan’s series of links on the Iranian election (both today and over the last week or so).  So I don’t want to be too harsh here but this sticks in my...


conservatives for socialized medicine?

I still think taking the health care debate out of politics would be good for conservatism in the long run, even if it did mean one more government entitlement.  Then again, I think the...


Making Sense

Partially dissenting from the Paul Krugman column on right-wing hatred, Jon Henke makes some good points about guilt-by-right-or-left-association charges in general.  He concludes with “two ironies” that are pretty relevant: The Left strenuously objects...


A Couple of Thoughts On Executive Pay

Via Politico: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Wednesday that the Obama administration will take several new steps to reform the ways executives are paid on Wall Street — and he argued that pay packages...


the big hate

Paul Krugman worries about the main-streaming of ultra-right-wing nuttery vis-a-vis the likes of Glenn Beck.  I mentioned this a while back actually.  Things will get worse before they get better.


Rushkoff’s Life Inc.

— Now this is a fairly explosive one, and it should be stated up front that it is just one side of a much much more complicated story which the author is leaving out...


One Pediatrician’s Perspective on Universal Healthcare

by Dan Summers I share E.D.’s  skepticism about the private insurance industry, and wanted to chime in a few thoughts from a provider’s perspective.  Though the American Medical Association has decided to dig in...