Daily Archive: June 11, 2009


Free Advice to Released Uighurs

If you are headed to Palau–where I spent 1 week of my life, 3 days of which was in a small to medium range typhoon, 2 other days of which I spent on the...


bringing schools back into our communities

Setting aside the voucher debate for a minute – because Kyle is right, to some degree it can’t hurt to at least try these various ideas out – I’d like to visit briefly the...


Elaboration on Vouchers

Kyle at Vogue Republic gets what I was trying to do with my post on vouchers the other day, even though he admits to being “lukewarm” on the value of vouchers.  The whole post...


open thread

via Andrew…. “Cosadein!”


thursday art walk

 The Adoration of the Trinity by Albrecht Dürer


NoKo Strategery

On the new AmConMag blog Post-Right (which you should really read), Jack Ross writes: I’d like to offer a theory about Kim Jong Il’s behavior – that he’s clumsily trying to imitate the shrewd...


Our Clueless Journalistic Elite

Here’s the problem with amateur punditry: Matthew Yglesias’s list of great songs about people named Al(l)ison manages to ignore one of Slowdive’s career highlights:


the civilizational tango

I have described progressive and conservative politics as existing in a sort of necessary “civilizational tango.”   This is often the vantage point from which I’m operating when I consider such things as the importance...


Respecting the Founders

The response to the “America is a Christian nation” meme is usually to argue that the Founders were deists, which results in an intractable debate about the Founders’ actual religion.  Transplanted Lawyer, however, takes...