Daily Archive: June 10, 2009


great diavlog with Lindsey and Frum

Brink Lindsey and David Frum are a couple of guys who I disagree with a lot, and who would think little of me or my opinions if they were ever exposed to them. But...


two graphs

Following up on this post from yesterday, on von’s post here, I provide (via Yglesias) yet another graph….


thoughts on socialized medicine

I like Yglesias’s idea: I actually think there’s a very strong case on the merits for a limited form of socialized medicine. Which is to say that I think it would be smart for...


Foreign Affairs Reporting Pet Peeve

This NyTimes article on a local Pakistani villager uprising against the Taliban in NorthWest Frontier Province refers to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas as “lawless tribal areas on the Afghan border.”  Could we stop...



A depressing book review from Bill Kauffman.


Sometimes We’re Wrong

Ta-Nehisi Coates, writing on conservatism: But if you are the slave, that essentially conservative approach will always privilege your master over you. Conservatism, with its belief in institutions, traditions, and the past, will seemingly...