“The Persecution of Sarah Palin”



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4 Responses

  1. Avatar mike farmer says:

    I think it would be instructive to read a full account of how Palin was treated, so that, hopefully, something can be learned about fundamental fairness in politics. Just as E.D. pointed out the stupidity of smearing Obama with the label of “Muslim” when there are so many legitimate criticisms which can be leveled, it was alson stupid for the Democrats to get so personal and vicious with Palin and her family. In the 21st centruy when the evolution of humans should be revealed at a level of honest intellectual differences expressed without the underlying primitive impulse to beat an enemy with a stick , it’s instructive to see how easily we can revert to these emotional instincts. It would also be instructive to balance the criticisms of the conservatives’s present attacks on liberals. All sides in the political realm can learn by exposing the ugliness of irrationality.Report

  2. Avatar Katherine says:

    One can believe that Palin is uninformed about the issues of the day, not particularly intelligent, and utterly unqualified for the Presidency, while still recognizing that the media treated her very poorly. (I doubt that’s what the linked author is planning on doing, though.) They should not have made her family a central story; they should ABSOLUTELY not have peddled the disgusting rumour that Trig was Bristol’s son despite photographic evidence than Sarah Palin had been pregnant with him; and they should not be continuing to treat the whole thing as a soap opera for public consumption now.Report

  3. Avatar Will says:

    Katherine –

    Good point. I guess I should withhold judgment until the book, err, actually comes out.Report

  4. Avatar greginak says:

    FWIW the rumors about who was the momma of trig started with Palin’s repub enemies in AK.

    It would be wonderful if the press and many people would stop the petty, shallow coverage of, well, just about everything. Whenever i think that will stop i remind myself that i also thought if the Dem’s put up a decorated combat vet in 2004, the press and repub’s wouldn’t dig deep into the poo bucket to smear him. A lot of us may hate the terrible way our press works, but enough people buy it, so it continues. That is the way capitalism works.Report