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If you want to see two very acute minds (respectfully) duel with sharpened blades, then check out the comment thread to this post by ED as he and John Schwenkler (yet again) battle over...


Monday Night Humor

With the gangbusters opening of Hangover and the colossal box office failure of Land of the Lost, I thought what better time to play my all time favorite clip from Old School (another Todd...


A Lose-Lose: The Outing of Publius

For the most part, I have little to add on the ethics of the Outing of Publius that hasn’t already been said, particularly by James Joyner, though soon to be League podcast participants Dan...



…from Yglesias is worth noting.  He makes a good point too:


Misunderstanding Markets cntd.

“[T]he folks at Harvard, Columbia, and Yale, are held accountable by … whom, exactly? Oh, that’s right: they’re accountable to their customers, who by virtue of their participation in a market that – ideally,...


the mac mini so far

So, now that I’m a parent and I spend most of my time either outside, with my family, at work, or blogging and have no time at all to play video games, I ditched...

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