Daily Archive: June 7, 2009


Poulos Bait: Shakira Edition

From the NyTimes: Celebrity philanthropy, rock ’n’ roll philanthropy, is no longer a novelty, but what Shakira and ALAS were trying was indeed new. They were looking to use the power of pop to...


Sunday Poem Series

Self Knowledge by Kahlil Gibran And a man said, “Speak to us of Self-Knowledge.” And he answered, saying: Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights. But your ears...


a poem for sunday

Anastasia & Sandman by Larry Levis The brow of a horse in that moment when The horse is drinking water so deeply from a trough It seems to inhale the water, is holy. I...


Good for Howard Stern (strong language warning)

I’m not a big fan of Howard Stern, but this is good of him, and I appreciate that he has the guts to risk cutting against the expectations of his fanbase. (Strong language in...



Speaking as someone who doesn’t blog under his full name to avoid professional and personal complications, I think James Joyner has the best take on l’affaire publius (background here). And speaking of Internet anonymity,...


making things up, public education edition

One frustrating aspect of the education debate in this culture, for those who defend public school like I do, is that the vigor and frequency with which conservatives have pointed to failing public schools...

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