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I think a good blog should have easy to use, attractive, intuitive comments.  This is one of the great failures of blogs like The Plank, which are fine blogs with terrible comments sections.  Yglesias...


Nationalism as Prerequisite for Pluralism

Freddie’s argument that the premise of founding a state with an explicit ethnic nationalism basis leads to intolerance and hatred of groups outside that ethnicity strikes me, on the one hand, as basically correct. ...


Chris’ Recipe for Post-Workout Shake

3 Bananas. 1 Large Dollop of A)  All Natural Peanut Butter and B) No Fat Plain Yogurt. 2-3 spoonfuls Frozen Blueberries. 10-12 oz. Water. 1.5 scoops of Protein Powder. Blend. Enjoy. (Optional) 4 icecubes...



I have my own issues with Obama’s recent appearance in Cairo, but one criticism I find rather baffling is that his speech implied moral equivalence between the United States’ actions and the policies of...


ethnic nationalism inevitably breeds hate

Via Gawker. As Gawker is quick to point out, you shouldn’t take the lame drunken ramblings of some small slice of any population as dispositive of anything at all. All we know from watching...


a reading list for fantasy enthusiasts (II)

My initial reaction to E.D.’s latest post was something along the lines of “oh dear, I’m not sure we need a comprehensive rundown of our favorite erotic fiction.” Fortunately, he’s talking about the other...

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