NBA Finals Open Thread



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5 Responses

  1. Avatar ChrisWWW says:

    I’m totally a Lakers fan (since about 1999 anyways) but I get the feeling the Magic are going to win the series. The Lakers absolutely need Odom and one of their three point guards to play well. I just don’t see that happening consistently, but I hope I’m wrong.Report

  2. Avatar Will says:

    Yeah, I could definitely see the Magic stealing the series if their three point shots are following and Howard plays well. Not inconceivable, given how they’ve played of late.Report

  3. Avatar sidereal says:

    My favorite predictions thus far are those from Supersonicsoul (okay, they’re more desires than predictions, but they’re awesome).

    A) Rashard Lewis averages 25 points and scores the winning 3-pointer in Game 6.

    B) While gesturing at a teammate for failing to get him the ball in the fourth quarter, Kobe Bryant accidentally elbows himself in the face, causing him to miss the final two games of the series.

    E) In Los Angeles, Stan Van Gundy bumps into Ron Jeremy while protesting a technical, resulting in a tear in the time/space continuum.


  4. Avatar Clint says:

    bench clearing brawl leads to stan van following his brother’s lead and gnawing on andrew bynum’s ankle from the fetal position:

  5. Avatar Will says:

    Hahahaha – a forgotten classic.Report