Daily Archive: June 3, 2009


At last

James Poulos has fulfilled his destiny and gone on Bloggingheads. Watch.


bad analogies

I was out for drinks with friends and Israel came up in the conversation.  A friend of mine said that she’d heard somewhere – Fox maybe? – that if you likened Gaza to a...


I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Went Crazy

So I spent 35-45 minutes today trying to get a fly out of my bedroom.  You know it’s bad when you (I in this case) starting talking to the fly.  Reasoning with it (him/her?). ...


the art of magic in fiction

The other day I was sitting around drinking beers with a friend and talking about magic.  Specifically, we were discussing the abuse or misuse of magic in fantasy writing.  It is my theory that,...


5-And-A-Half Stories About The Same Thing

Coleman Collins, D-League journeyman, former Euro-basketballer, and a pretty entertaining author, is now contributing to TrueHoop. A taste: I was walking through Amsterdam the other day when I crossed paths with two German women,...


Ah, Abortion

~by sidereal When I’m asked for my opinion on abortion (or when I give it unprompted) I have to decide how long a conversation I want to have.  If I want it over with,...