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  1. Avatar Dara says:

    Isn’t it in League bylaws that any reference to the political landscape of the 1830s has to be followed by an episode of Martin Van Blogging? If not, can it be added?Report

  2. Avatar E.D. Kain says:

    I second Dara on this one.Report

  3. Avatar Ian M. says:


  4. Avatar richard says:

    fred could you please source the comments or blogs that reject sotomayor simply because she is hispanic. thanksReport

  5. Avatar Freddie says:

    Richard I’m not saying that they reject her because she’s Hispanic. I’m saying that they are assuming she is the recipient of preferential treatment and tokenism because she is Hispanic. If you look at the attacks on her, they are all saying she is unqualified and a sop to the Hispanic vote. But her actual qualifications are nearly identical to Alito’s.Report

  6. Avatar richard says:

    fred reread your post. you say she is being rejected because she is hispanic. i don’t know what blogs you are reading about this unless you are trolling the fever swamps or this sentiment is being talked about in the comment sections. the blogs that i have read concerning her qualifications refer to her three speeches extolling the wisdom of a latina reaching a superior or wiser decsion than a white judge who has not led such a full and rich life. the issue about empathyand the ricci case and lack of any substantive opinion regarding the dismissal of the case by the majority is also troubling. read judge cabranes (liberal appointed by clinton) dissent excoriating the majority for ignoring substantial constitutional issues regarding this ;and a call for an enbanc hearing which resulted in the supreme court granting cert. i am conservative and although i find some of these things troubling i do not find her outside the mainstream and believe she will be easily confirmed. is she alito’s equal? time will tell. but i seriously doubt it. go here: Power Line – Justice Alito and Judge Sotomayor — the lawyers’ take. sorry i am technologically challenged and don’t know how to link. of course you may dismiss this because nit is conservative but i think they give a reasonable point of view without the usual vitriol and snarkiness associated with many ideological driven blogs. read it or not. one last thing if you find some of the criticisms being leveled against sotomayor lacking or intemperate i suggest you review the treatment of Miguel Estrada’s nomination by the democrats. one last thing i am not trying to be a troll here. i was linked to this site by sullivan whom i read but rarely agree with. i find this site to very engaging with a great variety of topics.Report