Monthly Archive: June 2009


Tory Anarchist vs Front Porch Republic

Read Daniel McCarthy’s critique of the Front Porch, dovetailing rather nicely with many of my own reservations of the localists and agrarians:


Mark Levinsane Strikes Again and Again and Again

Apparently all one has to do is write a post with a title similar to this one to get on Mark Levin’s increasingly long and decreasingly witty “most deranged bloggers” list, as friend of...


Too funny

Just click here and read the post and the comments.  I guess it’s economic news.


I Ching for dissident conservatives

My friend Jack Gillis thinks dissident conservatives shouldn’t try to form a big tent with the movement, and offers up this from the I Ching:


the things people say on the internet

“Since his departure from the Washington Times, Stacy McCain has become perhaps the most skilled attention whore in all the blogosphere.  Yeah, I just wrote that. And put it on the Internet.” ~ James...


They’re coming to get you Barbara…

Why is it that when I think of people who still continue to argue that the Community Revinvestment Act (“CRA”) played some role in the financial crisis, I think of zombie movies?  This, however, has...


Why I Hate the US Press Corps

After starting the daily briefing with a question about the president’s response to Michael Jackson’s death, the questions for Gibbs quickly shifted to what is becoming one of the most hotly contested sub-debates in...


Talking Carbon Tariffs

Here’s Paul Krugman, defending the proposed Waxman-Markey carbon tariffs: What’s happening here, I think, is that people are relying on what Paul Samuelson called an economic “shibboleth” — they’re relying on some slogan rather...


Gladwell on Free

Malcolm Gladwell can be very frustrating to read when he isn’t on his game, but I think people sometimes lose track of how fantastic he can be when he’s on. (Particularly when he agrees...


health care musings

[updated below] Peter Suderman, from his new perch at Reason Magazine, dissects the looming breakdown of the public option in Obama’s push for health care reform.  At the crux of the issue lies the...


Peace in the Middle East

Well, not exactly, but if you want to set down that cynicism for a moment, this could be the beginning of something perhaps sort of resembling a peace…


quote for the afternoon

“There needs to be some form of one of the corollaries to Godwin’s Law that applies to the word treason, in that anyone who accuses someone of treason for non-treasonous behavior automatically loses the...


Burying Buckley

Austin Bramwell has a fascinating post up about William F. Buckley and a couple biographies of the man.  Go read it.


Ricci: An Anti-Business Decision

I disagree with Ilya Somin on the merits of the Court’s decision this morning in Ricci, but he’s absolutely right that the decision pretty well disproves notions that Justice Roberts and conservative jurisprudence more...


Getting Hungry

Yesterday’s heartbreaker and, for Clint Dempsey, tearjerker of a loss may wind up being the best thing that could have happened for the US’ hopes in the World Cup next summer.  Of course, it...


“My quarter pounder tasted like hegemony”

I admit I giggled at this Michael Goldfarb post celebrating the McDonaldization of France. One problem – European McDonalds are manifestly cleaner and better at making food that their American counterparts. How do we...


It’s not enough…

…but a 150-year prison sentence is guaranteed to put Bernie Madoff away for the rest of his life.  Personally, I think he should spend it in the general population wing at Riker’s Island given...


Iraq June 30th

Tomorrow is the deadline for the exit of US Forces from the cities in Iraq, as per the details of the Status of Forces Agreement between the (then) Bush and Maliki governments. Peter Feaver,...