Monthly Archive: May 2009


weird fact I just realized

The Magic, Nuggets and Cavaliers are all led by stars whose last names are usually first names. And the Lakers star isn’t that far from being the same.


Comment of the Day

“If you were defining “God” as “Jaybird”, allow me to back up and say that I absolutely believe in the existence of God.” –The Inimitable Jaybird. Comment #36 in our on-going comment marathon on...


a judicious quote

“I’ve only seen the headlines, but I expect all the clowns put on their clown suits this morning and are presently climbing out of their clown car at the studio. I’m thinking liberal, activist,...


when wars ended

I was watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with my wife this weekend (it always takes us two to three nights to watch a movie, sometimes longer) and I was struck by the...



I was cold turkey on blogging all weekend for a much needed respite from the internet, and some good quality time with my family – we tried to light a fire when we went...


atheist mythos (not “the myth of atheism”)

Mark’s sharp post the other day on PZ Myers (building off a similarly sharp post by Br. Ken @ Popehat) mentioned an earlier call of mine for an atheist theology.  That post only introduced...


Please join me

in congratulating Ms. Dara Lind and Mr. Will Wilson on their graduating college. Now go get ’em.


Thank You Jesus, Subway, and NBC

Chuck got a Third Season.  Even if it doesn’t start until after the Winter Olympics here in Vancouver, is only a 13 episode season and has had its production budget cut. Still, Hallelujah.


The Difficult Cloudy Middle of Abortion

By Dan Summers — I enjoyed Chris’s recent post about Obama’s commencement speech at Notre Dame.  With his indulgence, I will take his metaphor about side roads and interstates, and modify it for my...



At a minimum, Obama seemed alive to the moral and legal ambiguities implied by the issue. Not so the former Vice-President, who chose to speak in a chilling code, in which methods of torture...


the ballad of RSM

Worried that conservatives will really make a roaring comeback? Read Robert Stacy McCain, and be assuaged. Joe, neither Dreher nor Frum is a professional talk-radio host, and I’m guessing neither one of them would...


Sunday Poem Series

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (translated and modified by Edward Fitzgerald) 1 Awake! for Morning in the Bowl of Night Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight: And Lo! the Hunter...


Crazy Church Story of the Day

So I’m working at my church today and there’s a wedding.  It’s all going more or less swimmingly (the bride was fashionably late as they say but whatever); it’s a beautiful day everybody’s dressed...


Quote o’ the Day

Even deciding where the two Qaeda suspects in Pakistani custody will be kept over the long term is “extremely, extremely sensitive right now,” a senior American military official said, adding, “They’re both bad dudes....


Torture vs. Steroids

A cogent point from the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Mark Madsen: When the congressional hearing of Jose Canseco vs. other MLB players created questions about steroid use, Congress acted quickly and decisively and spent the next...


a quote for anyone headed to the movies this weekend

“Like the enemy with which he is supposed to be contrasted, he is relentless, impervious, and utterly uninteresting. Indeed, his performance is so uncompromising and devoid of nuance that one half-wonders why McG didn’t...