Daily Archive: May 29, 2009



…When a talk show host accuses someone who disagrees with them of hating their country or expresses hope that a political leader fails or that someone suffer a horrible act of violence, they are...


Ricci, Impartiality, and Empathy

At the risk of beating a dead horse, Jack Balkin pens a magnificent piece on how criticism of the decision in the Ricci case, particularly to the extent that criticism claims it to be...


thursday art walk

A day late – I blame the holiday. This one is “Cathedral in Winter” by Ernst Ferdinand Oehme


But What About the Real Economy?

Noah Millman writes: But if we get a true dollar crisis, that calculus no longer obtains. If the United States faces a situation at some point in the near future where we cannot finance...


Job Opening

If only I had a few more years of marketing experience under my belt . . .


John Derbyshire and the Wise Latina

“Judge Sotomayor was raised in public housing? So was I. Her mother was a nurse working late shifts? So was mine. When did white working poor people disappear off the face of the earth?...