As if you needed another reason to hate LA



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4 Responses

  1. No he didn’t – really? Please tell me no one in attendance cheered that line. Don’t get me wrong – I’m ok with making changes to the anthem in various ways (I am prepared to brawl with anyone who says Marvin Gaye’s legendary anthem was anything short of magnificent). But…you don’t change the words to analogize a freaking sports team to the flag.Report

  2. Avatar Will says:

    Did Gaye actually change any of the lyrics?

    But yeah, Tyrese freakin’ Gibson mangling our national anthem for a bunch of jackass Lakers fans is almost too much to bear.Report

  3. Avatar cwk says:

    Kansas City Chiefs fans have been changing the anthem to “land of the free, home of the Chiefs” for years. I find it pretty distasteful, and I’m normally not one for symbolic patriotism displays.Report

  4. Will – not that I’m aware of, but obviously what he did was not the traditional anthem, either.Report