Daily Archive: May 27, 2009


Run Sestak Run

He says he’s in against Specter.  Good for him. Pennsylvania is going deep blue.  And the Penn Republicans are going hard-right base wackos.  Unless they do an about face and talk Tom Ridge into...


Thoughts on the Champions League Final

After an unbearably over-hyped build-up, Barcelona’s 2-0 victory over Manchester United was pretty darn anti-climactic. Adding insult to injury, the match forced casual or otherwise unaffiliated fans to choose the lesser of two (great)...


Stop the attacks?

Matthew Schmitz wants counter-conservatives to stop attacking the right-wing talk radio pundits: If the goal of Conor and others who have attacked talk radio is to save the Republican Party,  I’m at a loss...


a quote for the end of the afternoon

“A series of cataclysmic events leads to the annihilation of a war-mongering elite. All that remains is a rogue group of working-class types who are motivated by racial resentment, obsessed with drilling, and led...


The Relevance of Experience

Commenter Mike Farmer expresses an objection to my and Mr. Larison’s defenses of Judge Sotomayor’s “wise Latina woman” comment that I suspect is pretty typical and has strong surface appeal: She might have a...


Larison on Sotomayor

Daniel Larison has put together some excellent thoughts on the current leading objections to Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the SCOTUS.  I have my differences with Larison’s preferred jurisprudence, but he does a far better...


weird fact I just realized

The Magic, Nuggets and Cavaliers are all led by stars whose last names are usually first names. And the Lakers star isn’t that far from being the same.