goodbye, cruel league



Freddie deBoer used to blog at, and may again someday. Now he blogs here.

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Will says:

    To be fair, I felt the bad calls went both ways last night.Report

  2. Avatar Freddie says:

    I agree. But the fact that we have to say that in a “to be fair” context… Ugh!Report

  3. Avatar Joseph FM says:

    Indeed, I can take no pride in such a victory.Report

  4. Avatar Chris Dierkes says:

    Jeebus, you had me scared there for a minute when all I read was the Goodbye Cruel League on my Reader. I had a momentary fear you were leaving the League of Gents. Nooooo!!!!! Don’t go Freddie, we love ya.

    But yeah, you’re right about last night. The ghost of James Naismith should haunt those refs for the rest of their lives.Report

  5. I watched most of the game. What did I miss? Do you think the refs were in King James back pocket? If so, we all know that the NBA wants a Kobe/King James final. And that the teams aren’t doing much to help.Report

  6. Avatar Freddie says:

    It wasn’t that the officiating was biased last night, just that it was bad, tickey-tack bailout fouls in key moments, laughable non-calls that hurt both teams, calls that destroyed the game’s rhythm…Report

  7. Avatar EngineerScotty says:

    NBA reffing has been bad for years. Why is everyone suddenly noticing now?Report