Daily Archive: May 26, 2009


Comment of the Day

“If you were defining “God” as “Jaybird”, allow me to back up and say that I absolutely believe in the existence of God.” –The Inimitable Jaybird. Comment #36 in our on-going comment marathon on...


a judicious quote

“I’ve only seen the headlines, but I expect all the clowns put on their clown suits this morning and are presently climbing out of their clown car at the studio. I’m thinking liberal, activist,...


when wars ended

I was watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with my wife this weekend (it always takes us two to three nights to watch a movie, sometimes longer) and I was struck by the...



I was cold turkey on blogging all weekend for a much needed respite from the internet, and some good quality time with my family – we tried to light a fire when we went...

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