Daily Archive: May 25, 2009

Please join me

in congratulating Ms. Dara Lind and Mr. Will Wilson on their graduating college. Now go get ’em.

Thank You Jesus, Subway, and NBC

Chuck got a Third Season.  Even if it doesn’t start until after the Winter Olympics here in Vancouver, is only a 13 episode season and has had its production budget cut. Still, Hallelujah.

The Difficult Cloudy Middle of Abortion

By Dan Summers — I enjoyed Chris’s recent post about Obama’s commencement speech at Notre Dame.  With his indulgence, I will take his metaphor about side roads and interstates, and modify it for my...


At a minimum, Obama seemed alive to the moral and legal ambiguities implied by the issue. Not so the former Vice-President, who chose to speak in a chilling code, in which methods of torture...