Daily Archive: May 22, 2009


a quote for anyone headed to the movies this weekend

“Like the enemy with which he is supposed to be contrasted, he is relentless, impervious, and utterly uninteresting. Indeed, his performance is so uncompromising and devoid of nuance that one half-wonders why McG didn’t...


Star Trek

By the way, I saw Star Trek this past weekend and it was great fun.  I’m not a big Trek fan – though I loved some of the old movies when I was a...


Next Up…

…Rush?  Cheney?  Levin?  Beck?  O’Reilly?  Or is the Mancow the only one with the stones not only to actually be waterboarded, but more importantly, to admit that it’s torture. h/t Yglesias


The Guilt By Religious Association Canard

Ken at Popehat has what our friend Kip rightly calls an “important post” up about PZ Myers’ latest crusade to blame all people who believe in a Higher Being for the unconscionable actions taken...


health care and confidence

The question of whether or not to nationalize health care is often framed within a discussion of poverty.  This is a little off target.  First of all, for the poorest Americans, there are already...



…is just frightening to me.  It’s stomach-turning. Conor is right – this just isn’t something a decent person should say regardless.

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