Daily Archive: May 19, 2009


Flip a COIN

With the apparent (and horrifically bloody) demise of the Tamil Tigers it’s worth I think reviewing the context of this whole counterinsurgency debate.  Basically as Nir Rosen says there are two schools of counterinsurgency....


Corrugated Degree Factories

Over at the Daily Dish, Lane Wallace bravely defends the liberal arts (from whom, I wonder – colleges’ burgeoning admissions rolls?), arguing that a humanities degree is somehow necessary to grasp ambiguity and encourage...


a quote for a cloudy afternoon

“I gave up on post-theism in my 20’s. I worked through my post-post-theism in my early 30’s. I’m currently enjoying my post-post-post-theism too much to really contemplate post-post-post-post-theism, but, hey. Maybe someone will write...


Quote of the Day

“It’s a good thing I’m a paranoid son of a bitch.” Ethan Kanin (former Chief of Staff to President Allison Taylor on 24 in last night’s Season Finale)


The Diversity Racket

There are more than a few compelling reasons to avoid a completely homogeneous workforce, but Matt Labash’s look at sclerotic diversity industry is still pretty damning (and hilarious): Indeed, Peggy Norris, a private-sector contract...


Angels & Demons

I read Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons several years ago.  I liked some of the puzzles, and the mystery and suspense were gripping enough, but at the end of the day Brown’s prose makes...