Daily Archive: May 13, 2009


The Pakistan is on the Brink Meme

Unfortunately the Obama administration has been falling for this one, putting pressure on the weak civilian government to initiate a massive heavy campaign in the Swat valley, leaving up to a million and a...


congratulations are in order…

….to John Schwenkler and J.L. Wall who have new digs at The American Conservative. Upturned Earth and Eunomia under the same roof?  Sounds dangerous.


You lost me there.

So I’m pretty excited about tonight’s season finale of Lost. I’ve been watching steadily since the last part of the third season, and now we’re at the end of the fifth season, with one...


the imperial presidency (again)

I read I, Claudius and Claudius the God recently.  In Rome after Julius Caesar, the winds of fortune changed with the Emperor.  Under Augustus and Claudius, times were good.  Under Tiberius and Caligula, times...


teaching and choice

So we’ve gone some rounds in the teaching/education debate – with Will, Freddie, John, Conor, Sonny and myself all chiming in to one degree or another – and I’d like to follow up a...

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