Daily Archive: May 12, 2009


On Having the Truth

by kyle cupp I picked a fight with a book the other day. It was a work on ethics. I’ve occasionally taken it off the shelf and scanned a little here and there, but...


giving up cars

I’ve thought about this sort of community before, but I didn’t know anyone was trying something this radical….


two quotes for the afternoon

I’d love to be wrong about this. But I’m not. If you want to understand the world, not just collect endless factlets, you still need to read books. If you do, the internet makes...


He Doesn’t Look a Thing Like Jesus

Quoting a cheesy Killers song would seem to be the only appropriate response to Geert Wilders, whose messiah complex has led him to formulate this marvelously incoherent set of principles for “saving” the West:...


personal computing

It really seems like the rise of the pocket computer is upon us. In many ways, the iPhone was first past the pole, but it is being joined by ever-more feature laden Blackberries, the...


Question for the Day

Can someone explain to me why people dress their small children up in animal costumes (not on Halloween, throughout the year) and dress their pet animals up like people?  What is up with this...