Daily Archive: May 11, 2009


Master of Divinity

Yours truly now owns the ludicrous (and actually idolatrous) title of a Master of Divinity.  MDiv. for short.  Got to wear the silly robe and everything to prove it. In other ludicrous news, I...


Bike to Work Week

Well it’s bike to work week and due to the fact that it is also ridiculously nice here – I mean upper 70’s which is almost hot – I thought it would be a...


Silly Arguments Against Hate Crimes Legislation

No, we probably shouldn’t be in the business of creating special protections for homeless victims, but this latest bout of legislative idiocy has provoked some uncommonly silly responses. Obviously, intent matters. If someone is...


The Amish versus the recession

A heartbreaking story from Forbes. Here’s the money quote: “Most people say they’re tightening their belts. Well, we don’t use belts, so I guess we can say we’re tightening up our suspenders and rolling...


Hate Crimes and the homeless

I’m not sold one way or the other on the hate crime debates.  Sullivan takes issue with the idea of the homeless being protected under such laws:


torture and terror

“The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to.”  ~F. Scott Fitzgerald Sleep deprivation, as Andrew notes, “can sound deceptively banal” compared to other torture techniques.  Of course, keeping...


a quote for the morning

“Megalomania is a hard drug to kick.”  ~ Josh Marshall, pondering Dick Cheney


defense spending: still spending

One thing to bear in mind about the free riders on the United States and its defense capabilities is to me the salient aspect of America’s defense budget in general: we could reduce our...