Daily Archive: May 8, 2009


Friday Night Jukebox

The first time I heard Elliot Smith was watching the Oscars – or rather, when I watched Good Will Hunting, but I didn’t pay much attention then.  When I saw this performance though I...


Small Schools are Beautiful

“We must create an apocalyptic sense of urgency about Education in this country and then take drastic measures.” ~  Shafeen Charania So as John put it recently, since it “appears to be Say Controversial...


Quote of the Day

Br. Salam speaks the truth: Some of you are thinking, “Oh man, hipster twee. Spoon my brain out, please.” Well, you’re a bozo. You’re not necessarily a bozo. But seriously, don’t let your “contrarian”...


The Salad Bowl

Jonah Goldberg makes an odd claim in his latest column: The mainstream perception that conservatives are close-minded and dogmatic while liberals are open-minded and free-thinking has it almost exactly backward. Liberal dogma is settled:...


We Want Some of That Internet Money

Good piece on Murdoch’s (quixotic?) quest to charge for online content.  One thing I know:  I’m definitely not his buddy…guy.


J.L. Wall…

…writes about Leonard Cohen, and you should read it.  It made me want to turn on some Cohen right now.  I think I will….


New Belgium

Good read about “sustainable beer” at American Progress.  Fat Tire is one of my favorite beers, and 1554 and Skinny Dip are pretty bloody good also.  We drink a lot of New Belgium brews...


an ending, but no closure

Wesleyan University is in my hometown. I have many connections to the university, which I won’t share now. I was in fact on campus when the terrible events of Wednesday occured. I wish I...