Daily Archive: May 6, 2009


Teachers Unions, Performance Pay, and Autonomy

Conor’s latest posts (here and here) sparked off a pretty decent debate in the comments over at The American Scene, and led to a good follow-up here at the League via Brother Will.   Over...


A Quote for the Afternoon

Via Brad Warbiany at the Liberty Papers. Doug Bandow,David Rittgers, Cato@Liberty: As I have said before, the quickest way to create an insurgent is to burn a man’s livelihood. This may be a competent counternarcotics...


Colbert Off the Bicycle

If you didn’t watch Colbert last night, go here and do.  The first 2/3 was unreal.  A++.  Kool Aid Sheik Mohammed is the new greatest term in existence.


Teaching Moments

This depressing Los Angeles Times story inspired a pretty interesting debate on teacher unions over at the American Scene. In comments, Freddie mounts a persuasive defense of union-backed tenure for professional educators, arguing that...


a quote for the morning

“Republicans have become embarrassing to watch. And it doesn’t feel right to make fun of crazy people. Better, perhaps, to focus on the real policy debates, which are all among Democrats.But here’s the thing:...