Daily Archive: May 5, 2009



In my current place – where I sit and type this right this very moment – it is too damn hot.  I do not do well in the heat (thinking, writing, organizing etc.) unless...


going to war with the army you have

“Rather than deep moral and spiritual renewal leading to civic health, what if it’s our national solipsism and susceptibility to suggestion that pull us together, and pull us through? What if, rather than being...


The Underdog

Gladwell’s latest article is a fun excursion, replete with guerrilla tactics, the press defense, and a few egregious over-generalizations. Read the whole thing here.


Libertarianism, Rightly Understood

Libertarianism does have public relations problems, and it’s not because most people are stupid or immoral. It’s because libertarians have done a terrible job countering the widespread suspicion that it’s a uselessly abstract ahistorical...


Let’s not call it exceptionalism.

I do appreciate what Mark is trying to do. The stereotypical American exceptionalist wants to argue that the transcendently unique ideals of the U.S.A.’s founding justify a broader range of actions in dealing with...