Daily Archive: May 4, 2009


Best Analysis of Pakistan

If you are not reading China Matters on Pakistan you must.  Start here. Key quote: But nobody has a solution that reconciles two fundamentally contradictory positions: America’s desire to pressure the Taliban (at the...


An Exceptionally Moral United States

I have a confession to make.  Despite all my criticisms of waterboarding, American foreign policy interventionism, and a whole host of other aspects of the modern federal government, not to mention my refusal to...


To Helmet or Not to Helmet?

David has some interesting musings up on the Dutch bicycle, the sublime, and the pros and cons of wearing a helmet whilst cycling.  Personally, I’m a helmet guy.  However ineffective helmets may be, I...


Simon Johnson’s…

…Quiet Coup, over at the Atlantic, is excellent.  I read the print version because I can’t read long articles online.  I always resort to the actual copy or to the wonders of my inkjet...


Response o’ the Day to the Line o’ the Day

Jaybird in response to greginak’s comment: A well regulated Argument, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Analogies, shall not be infringed.


Poulos on Taylor on Re-Structured University Education

James Poulos points to this Mark C. Taylor op-ed in the NyTimes on ending the university as we know it. The core of Taylor’s counterproposal to the currently balkanized world of graduate education is...


Line o’ the Day

“I’m all for control of analogies. They are like guns, they should be legal but with strict controls.” –greginak (comment #4) to Will’s post earlier today.


Hate Crimes (III)

Andrew Breitbart takes a flying leap over the shark with his latest bit of commentary (emphasis mine):


State of Print

Resting at the heart of  State of Play (2009) is not so much the personal relationships of the characters – who are mostly forgettable save for Crowe’s Cal McAffrey – or the grand (and...