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  1. Avatar greginak says:

    This is of course a thick subject. Here in the US of A most people are still in love with imperialism, most without recognizing that they are. They do take any justification for imposing our will on others and seem to see it as natural that we can do whatever we want. The neo-cons were at least honest about wanting an empire, they at least recognize it.

    This is just such a hard debate to have since most Americans can’t see ourselves as an empire, despite our long history of empire building and such.

    This is one area where there is a lot of overlap between some on the right and many on the left. I’m a liberal and I think Bacevich, who was referenced in a different post and discusses this at length, is brilliant. unfortunately, between the ferret on espresso attention span of most people and lack of genuine national level discourse, there just isn’t a way to truly examine this.Report

  2. Avatar E.D. Kain says:

    It’s also the monster-under-the-bed of American economic policy. The two are inseperable after all. Imperialism in its American iteration is a sort of economic colonialism on two fronts: opening up markets, and acquiring resources. That is the face of American imperialism. The “spread democracy” is a ruse – it is in actuality one (or both) of those goals, and of course where once we propped up dictators, the new vision was to prop up democracies, since democracies make generally better places for consumers and free markets, and are of course much easier to sell to the American public.Report

  3. Avatar greginak says:

    Not to mention the huge bags of money we spend on the military. We have very little to fear on our own soil regarding an invasion or military attack. Most of the money we spend is so we can project power abroad. To a degree that is reasonable but we could easily spend a couple hundred billion less and still be just as safe.Report

  4. Avatar Katherine says:

    Excellently said, Freddie, and E.D’s point about the ultimate economic goal of imperialism is also a vital one.Report