Daily Archive: April 27, 2009



Here’s a fun review of Alec Baldwin’s latest book.


Not Reading What You Defend

I had fully intended to take a lengthy hiatus from torture-blogging, but this story just magnifies why I’ve become so frustrated over claims that the program authorized by the Bybee memo is clearly not...


Our Sins

Christ’s crucifixion was a sort of torture, and His death on the cross a symbol of the greater spiritual death and torment He suffered on our behalf…


Why They Fight

Jim Manzi has written a provocative post on the moral distinction between battlefield killing and torturing unarmed POWs: So apparently it’s OK to inflict (the most extreme imaginable) violence when the guy is totally...


now that i have a kid…

…everything is scarier, more urgent.  Like this swine flu epidemic.  I’m really nervous about this, especially living in Arizona.  Roque – keep healthy down in Mexico, man…. (you are in Mexico, right?)


autism is a disorder

Those who have read a lot of my stuff know that I am someone who has very little patience for the seemingly endless (brave, bold, contrarian) stances bloggers and pundits make against political correctness....