Daily Archive: April 24, 2009

Just to echo

Andrew, someone should give Julian Sanchez a job as a paid blogger. Because he is very good at what he does.


I want to follow up on this with an examination of Community vs. Rights in light of our transportation policy, but for now, read David Schaengold of Plumb Lines:

stating the obvious

“And then, where is the use of torture? It is a slippery trial and uncertain (says Ulpian) to convince by torture. For many says (says St Augustine again) he that is yet but questioned,...

Pakistan Update: Whither the State?

A bevy of links on the subject. John Robb: Open-Source Counterinsurgency in Pakistan and P. + Open Source Warfare Asia Times Interview with Owais Ghani, Gov. of Pakistan’s NorthWest Frontier Province Will Pakistan Become...

The Tudors, Tradition and Tyranny

The Tudors is a bad show. I’m a sucker for historical drama, but after slogging through the first three episodes, of this much I can be sure. I don’t need the show’s writers to...

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