Daily Archive: April 15, 2009


Setting the Record Straight

I’d be a bit remiss if I didn’t link to this interview between Rachel Maddow and Stephen Gordon on the Tea Party protests and the conservative/libertarian divide thereon.  Much as I stand by everything I wrote...


Tea Time

What can be said that hasn’t already about the Tea Party Phenomenon?  Perhaps phenomon isn’t the right word.  The Parties have been, it appears, co-opted (or hi-jacked) by the larger conservative movement; perhaps out-Foxed,...


Speaking of that DHS Report….

I’m with Thoreau – first in, first out.  The DHS report is ridiculous, disturbing, terrifying, etc. – and for all the reasons that others have pointed out.  But you can’t be selective in which...


A Plea for Engagement

Via the American Conservative, I see that Sean Scallon’s challenging article on Jimmy Carter is getting some well-deserved attention. And for that, I’m glad – it’s an interesting take on a fascinating historical figure. ...


Poor Brother Mark just can’t get any respect…

If it isn’t the intellectually-challenged on the Right accusing him of applauding Hamas’ rationality and descending into the darkness of nihilsim (funny), it’s the intellectually challenged on the Left referring to him as a Paulrandlibertruthcession-ist. Oy vey.

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