Call to Arms


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5 Responses

  1. d.eris says:

    “I don’t recall anyone labeling them a threat to civil order.” And yet police infiltrated numerous peaceful anti-war groups across the country over the last 8 years, in addition to anti-death penalty groups, and currently, protest organizers in Minnesota (the RNC 8) are being prosecuted under the state’s Patriot Act as terrorists.Report

  2. Will says:

    d.eris –

    I was going to challenge your comment, but then I caught this entry from Glenn Greenwald. Proves your point rather nicely:

    That said, I think my larger concerns are still valid.Report

  3. E.D. Kain says:

    In the end, usually, these sorts of things die out when people get bored, or find employment again…Report

  4. Bob Cheeks says:

    The assumption is that the Big O’s policies will result in job opportunities for the unwashed. We’ll have to wait and see on that one.Report